Rotaract Global MUN 2015 – Rotaract Global Model United Nations – Belgrade, Serbia

Rotaract Club Beograd is the oldest Rotaract Club in Serbia with tradition of 20 years, sponsored by the Rotary Club Beograd. For many years, Rotaract Club Beograd has seen tens and thousand high-quality young people who joined the Club to contribute to the community under the idea ‘’SERVICE ABOVE SELF’’. Rotaract Club Beograd today has signed a twinning charter with a numerous clubs from Serbia and abroad such as Rotaract Club Novi Sad, Rotaract Club Pancevo, Rotaract Club Zagreb/Croatia, Rotaract Club Banja Luka/Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rotaract Club Skopje/FYR Macedonia, Rotaract Club Metropole Sfax/ Tunisia and Rotaract Club EST Rome/Italy, Rotaract Club of Marmara, Istanbul/Turkey and Rotaract club Krasnodar/Russia and also participated as a godfather club in the founding of Rotaract Club Kraljevo.We like to quote our Past President with this truly deep sentence in which we believe:”In the time to reflect crisis is a global issue, our duty as individuals in society is to spread good will. We are not expected to significantly change the environment in which we live, but should give a good example – an example of good manners and a nice example of how to deal with people around us. The motive for this behavior you need to find deep within yourself, because that is exactly the place where the real change occur”.

Short facts about us:

At the first meeting of our initial group in 1994 attended 25 members.

2015 Rotaract Club Belgrade has 25 members and guests

For two decades of continuous working, the Rotaract Club Belgrade

has held 800 regular meetings and 200 lectures
Organized the first Rotaract Conference in Serbia for South Eastern Europe, 2001
The first Rotaract club was involved with Rotary in establishing the Inter-Country Committee of Serbia – Macedonia, 2012
Rotary International received recognition for presidential action (Presidential service) for 2012/2013 year
Received recognition of Rotary International for the expansion of Rotary in 2000/2001 year
Supported NURDOR to enter the Guinness Book of Records, through the “longest drawing in the world”, 2012
Organized project of support for UTLOS, selected among the 20 best European Rotaract projects (BESP)
Participated in the organization of the first Rotaract European Meeting (REM) in Serbia, 2011
had six representatives in the district Rotaract committees
Has been in 4 different districts
Celebrated 300 birthday of its members
Signed certifications of twining and godfathers 9 Rotaract clubs

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